All of UK radio in one place?


Have you tried the new Radioplayer yet? Radioplayer, which launched today, is an online console which lets you listen live and listen again to hundreds of UK radio stations. It’s a collaboration between the BBC and commercial radio broadcasters, and it makes it easier to search and switch radio stations when you’re listening at your computer.

It’s madness that online users haven’t had a way of accessing lots of radio stations in one go before. Oh wait – they have. Reciva’s internet radio portal contains tens of thousands of stations from around the world, which are easily searchable by name and browsable by genre or location. What’s more, Reciva’s reach is not just limited to public service and commercial stations, but encompasses community radio and internet-only stations too. And if the obscure station you want to listen to isn’t there, you can ask them to add it.

On the BBC Radio Blog, Steve Bowbrick bills Radioplayer as “all of UK radio in one place”, which it clearly isn’t. The console currently gives access to 137 stations, by my count. That sounds a lot, until you spot that 36 of them are local Heart stations and 14 are Capital FM. There are plans to add more soon, as other commercial companies come on board. Radioplayer might encourage some cross-fertilisation between BBC and commercial audiences, but it doesn’t offer enough range to make it exciting.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to hop between live stations, Radioplayer won’t revolutionise your listening experience, but Reciva might.

One Response to “All of UK radio in one place?”

  1. 1 Matt

    I think you should be able to get radio anywhichway you want and Reciva’s a great way to do that.

    The difference for Radioplayer is that it will have (emphasising the words will have) pretty much all UK radio and on-demand content for many of those stations. All accompanied by visuals and data like recently played songs etc provided by the stations to enhance the listening experience. Whilst having hundreds of thousands of station is great the majority of people listen to the stations that they can already get!

    However, by having Radioplayer as the main players for many of the radio stations it will expose ‘radio on the internet’ to millions of people who see it as scary and then, hey, they might explore Receiva too.