Berlin’s alternative culture under threat


Fascinating episode of Crossing Continents last night. David Goldblatt investigated the commercialisation and gentrification of east Berlin, which threatens to force out the area’s artists, musicians and alternative culture.

In one memorable scene, riot police come to raid a squat, but the protesters have filled the house from floor to ceiling with helium balloons. After shouting warnings through a megaphone, the police break their way in and we hear the steady sound of balloons bursting as the police gradually pop their way through the building.

Goldblatt interviews the developers who are trying to take over east Berlin, but sympathy is definitely on the side of the residents. The capitalists even have a cartoon baddy for their spokesperson.

Journalist: “The protesters might just about be able to cope with MTV, how are they going to feel, do you think, about Mercedes coming here?”

Cartoon baddy (stroking white cat): “I hope they feel bad, ja. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

You can listen on the iPlayer indefinitely.


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  1. 1 davidsgoldblatt

    Thanks for listening and very pleased you liked it

    yes the image of the white cat came to my mind as he laughed….


    David Goldblatt

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