Gig For Japan


As a wise person once said, “Why don’t you just switch off your radio set and go and do something less boring instead?” So last night I went up to Norwich for the excellent Gig For Japan. James Broad from Silver Sun played a great acoustic set, with some of the more committed fans in the audience contributing wobbly harmonies on Golden Skin. James also did a Cheap Trick-ified version of Scared, which you can listen to online, thanks to the power pop blog Shake Some Action!


One Response to “Gig For Japan”

  1. It looked great from where I was sitting. PixelH8 were (was?) great too, and I also really enjoyed Smoke Fairies – the sort of thing that I don’t always go for, but lifted by brilliant harmonies and the evidence of a sense of humour preventing the whole thing from becoming too earnest…

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