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For the last two weeks I’ve been on holiday in Ireland, where I found my niche (if you can call a mainstream national radio station a ‘niche’) in RTÉ 2fm. 2fm is aimed at young people, although it doesn’t sound as youthful as Radio 1 here in the UK, and they play an awful lot […]

Friends say that our warm, crackly 1950s valve radio sounds like listening through a time machine to stuff that happened in the past. Well, now a group of hackers have designed a radio for just that purpose. Rather than tuning into a frequency, the ChronoTune lets you tune into a particular year and listen to […]

Fascinating episode of Crossing Continents last night. David Goldblatt investigated the commercialisation and gentrification of east Berlin, which threatens to force out the area’s artists, musicians and alternative culture. In one memorable scene, riot police come to raid a squat, but the protesters have filled the house from floor to ceiling with helium balloons. After […]

Congratulations to HCRfm, the new community radio station for Huntingdon. As a teenager, I worked on the first Huntingdon Community Radio broadcasts from above a betting shop on the corner of the High Street. 15 years and lots of short-term licences later, the team have been granted a full-time licence and began broadcasting 24 hours […]

This week I’m enjoying 70 Years Without Al Bowlly, a temporary radio station dedicated to the singer and guitarist who died in the Blitz in April 1941. The station is being run by the people behind Angel Radio, who broadcast from a fabulous-looking ‘nostalgia’ shop in Hampshire. Since much of the dance band music they […]

Behind the Mike


“Radio. With the switch of a dial, radio brings you tragedy, comedy, entertainment, information, education. A whole world at your command. But radio isn’t all on the surface. There are stories behind radio, stories behind your favourite programme and favourite personalities and radio people you never hear of. Stories as amusing, dramatic and interesting as […]

Brilliant to hear the corner shop sitcom Fags, Mags and Bags back for a fourth series yesterday. The local priest is away in Bangladesh, but he’s keeping in touch with Dave and Ramesh by postcard. Father Henderson says he’s established an informal confessional booth under a tree, but his parishioners’ confessions aren’t much to write […]

Have you tried the new Radioplayer yet? Radioplayer, which launched today, is an online console which lets you listen live and listen again to hundreds of UK radio stations. It’s a collaboration between the BBC and commercial radio broadcasters, and it makes it easier to search and switch radio stations when you’re listening at your […]

A 12 year old Swedish boy, Ollie Frisk, made an impression on The World Tonight last night. While he was skiing in Sweden, he accidentally disturbed a hibernating bear. It attacked him, biting his legs and clawing his back. Not only did Ollie manage to escape, but he was also able to tell presenter Ritula […]

Radio 4’s interview with Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl made me stop what I was doing and just listen this morning. He talked about being heartbroken at Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994, before adding, “I’m not really telling you the truth right now, you know. Why would I tell you how I honestly feel about something […]